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Bloody Arrangement

Hello guys,

This is a piece that seemed to get interrupted for years and I finally got to finish it. It is not just about a bouquet of mushrooms for my collection Bouquets and Aquelarres but it is about selling your spirit and integrity to a system in order to get what you want. Who hasn’t felt that way at some point in their lives when you want to be successful at something!?

I want to also take the chance to mention one of my favorite galleries in LA @ThinkspaceArt  If you live close or if you are traveling, do not hesitate to visit this place. They work with all the contemporary artists I admire the most and they show exquisite pieces of work without a doubt. I know they have helped many artists in their development to become fully mature in their careers and I believe they are taking momentum with the movements that will pass through history in the art world. If I were you I would checkout their website to choose the exhibition you are interested in and take your friends and family. It will blow your minds away and you never know, you might end up buying a piece of art for your dinning room that will be a perfect excuse to spark a conversation.


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