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I ❤ MY COMMUNITY!!! – Countdown #10

Hello Guys,

I would like to thank each and every one of my ❤145 followers for finding me and following the progress of my work. You guys are great! It might not seem a big number, but to me, it’s is more than enough to motivate me to show you what I love to do. I have gotten to know a bit about some of you, too, because when someone decides to join my list, I always like to research who likes my art, and I find some of you very interesting as well. I have to say I am impressed that all kinds of people follow my work! Thank you all so much!

On this blog, I posted some of my best paintings so far, but for the most part, I like to show you the some of my less formal work, the casual work I like to do for fun, the stuff that helps me to develop and experiment. I think any artist should let people see their mistakes and their journals, even when the work is not yet mature or the ideas are under developed.  I hope you guys stick around as I continue to work to find my own voice, and I hope that through my work, I can touch people and connect with all of you.

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